Robert Socha Photography

Robert Socha Photography

About Me

I first picked up a camera as a child when my mother taught me how to use a Pentax K1000 35mm.  I fell in love with creating images then and continued through high school and college, keeping it as a hobby more than anything else.

Eventually my wife encouraged me to make it a profession and I've been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years.  Unlike a lot of "purists" I really liked when mainstream photography switched from analog to digital and loved the possibilities that opened up to the future of photography.  I have always been a Nikon shooter and don't see that ever changing.

I have always had a love of nature, and do a lot of my photos outside with as much natural light as possible.  While I live in a major city, when the opportunity presents itself I like to get clients away from the concrete and out into nature.

Besides photography I love animals as much as a human can, cats being my favorite.  I enjoy making wine, beer and liqueurs at home, as well as cooking.  I enjoy history, travel, and learning something new each day.

What I Offer

Over my photography career I have specialized in interior photography for real estate and interior design and have worked with many of the top talents in the NYC and NJ markets, as well as one on one portraiture such as boudoir and maternity photography.

Maternity might be my favorite, as the clients are always so full of anticipation and joy.  It's a pleasure and honor to help them capture those moments.

Headshots, portraits, any chance I have to work one on one with a client and help them get photos that exceed their expectations - that's what I love.  I do not shoot weddings, events, parties, etc as it's just not my thing.  I thrive on the personal relationship and interaction with a client to help bring out our creativity together, so if that sounds good to you, reach out and book a session.

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