Real Estate / Businesses

Over the past several years I have worked with many of the top real estate agencies in NJ and NYC and have extensive experience shooting any size and any type of property.  While most of my shooting centers around Manhattan, Jersey City and Hoboken, I do travel outside of these areas so feel free to inquire. I also shoot retail businesses, industrial facilities, warehouses, labs - almost any project you have I can probably accommodate.  Because I am also experienced in portraiture I am often a good choice for a business that need both their location and employees photographed.

I typically deliver photos sized for prints, for real estate work I include MLS photos, and usually a third size to your specs, for website use or social media.  Contact me to discuss your project and to receive a price quote.



Portraits cover a really wide range of photography and I do not have a set price on a photo shoot.  This can be as simple as someone wanting a single, quick, nice photo of themselves for a website profile to someone looking to capture a styled, imaginative portrait in an amazing location complete with wardrobe, hair and makeup.  The best thing to do if you are looking to get photos taken of yourself is to email me and let me know what you have in mind.

Portraits are also fun because the locations are almost limitless.  I love doing outdoor portraits in natural settings but I'm just as comfortable in urban locations, indoors or in a studio.  



Maternity portraits are one of my favorites to shoot, mainly because of their importance and the sense of joy and anticipation.  For many these are once in a lifetime opportunities to capture these moments.