A little about me...

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me.  I grew up in rural Sussex County, NJ surrounded by wildlife and nature.  In fact I'd have to say my childhood was a bit odd compared to others, as I spent many of my days bottle feeding baby raccoons, giving mice to hawks and owls, or having songbirds land on my shoulder when I went in my yard.

No, I'm not some kind of Earth Wizard (yet) - my mom worked as an animal rehabilitator and bird bander, so I was surrounded by every bird and forest creature imaginable.  To top it off, I grew up in a log cabin on 20 acres of woods.  Though I now live in a city and have adjusted to a life of concrete, noise and stress, my upbringing still influences me deeply and I am happiest shooting out in natural environments, whether that's with a client for a portrait or just the scenery.

I've had a camera in my hand since I was a child and my mother taught me to use an old Pentax K-1000.  Looking back on the photos I took I can't say with any bit of honesty that there were any flashes of potential, but I had fun none the less.   In high school I shot quite a bit but in college with it's temptations of wine, women and song (and studying) I got out of it for awhile.

I spent the next decade trying to convince myself to do anything other than photography.  I kept it up as a hobby and enjoyed it immensely, watching technology switch from film to digital, traveling to Italy and taking photos there, - but I couldn't get it through my head that this is what I should be doing.  I fought it.  Not sure why but I did.

Finally about a decade ago after having enough with the businesses I was in, it was time to take the leap.  My wife pushed me to enter photos into a calendar and they wound up using everything I submitted and it was my first actual paying gig.  From there it has been non-stop and I can't imagine doing anything else at this point.

A few random facts about me:

I'm a die hard animal lover.  I love cats more than anyone alive.  It's pathetic.  My favorite animals are cats, wolves, Black Panthers, Raccoons, Killer Whales and Bears.  I do NOT like monkeys of any kind, or turtles.

If I wasn't a Photographer I'd love to be a Formula 1 pilot for Ferrari, assuming I was half my size and knew how to drive better.

I smoke a pipe like Sherlock Holmes but I haven't solved any crimes yet.

I'm a Scorpio and love astrology

I shoot with Nikon equipment.

Love Italian and American food.  I enjoy good wine, beer and whiskeys.  Love to cook.  Love to travel.  I enjoy history and constantly learning new things.